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After you’ve connected your accounts do the activities in the points breakdown chart to earn points every day!

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Points Breakdown

Amount Limit Activity
100 NA Install the Official Baylor Bold Rewards Mobile App
100 5/day Attend a Baylor game and have your ticket scanned upon arrival
100 1/day Connect your Twitter account to Baylor Bold Rewards
100 5/day Students, swipe your Student ID card at Baylor games
100 NA Register for the Baylor Bold Rewards program
10 NA Update Your Profile and Earn 10 Points

Baylor Bold Rewards is a FREE rewards program that allows you to earn points for attending Baylor Athletic events and sharing Baylor Athletics on social media.
First of all, congratulations! Secondly, there are two ways to receive your order: 1. Pick-up - You can pick-up your prize at the Highers Simpson building on the Baylor University campus (1500 S. University Parks Dr.) during the work week. Please email Fan_Engagement@baylor.edu to request a potential pick-up time and date(s), and a member of the Fan Engagement team will get back to your request at their earliest convenience. 2. Shipping - You can request a shipment of your prize! Please provide your mailing address to Fan_Engagement@baylor.edu. The prize will take a few days to reach your residence.
The 2019-20 season of Baylor Bold Rewards started in August. All users will begin with a zero point value and a fresh start for a new season of Baylor Athletics. Join for free today! You won't want to miss the revamped and improved Baylor Bold Rewards program. The Baylor Bold Rewards season will run through the end of May 2020.
Yes, there is a free Baylor Bold Rewards mobile app available in the App Store or on Google Play. Click the links below to download it today! The Baylor Bold Rewards app will allow you to check-in to events from your mobile device, follow your points total and activity, view prizes and more!

iTune App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id908737930
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fanmaker.baylor
Yes, there are two ways you can earn points for attending athletic events. First, all fans can check-in to an event through the Baylor Bold Rewards app on the Events tab. Second, non-students can link their customer number/ticket number to their Baylor Bold Rewards account on their profile page. When you scan in at Baylor Athletic events you will receive points.
*Register for Baylor Bold Rewards or Update your Profile *Download the Baylor Bold Rewards app in the App Store or get it on Google Play *Invite Friends to Play *Connect your Facebook and Twitter Accouts
Yes, you can redeem prizes when you reach various point levels. Points do not expire until the end of the season, so take advantage of the points you've earned and redeem for rewards. All item prizes are shown in the Prize Store during the season.